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About us
A brief look to history :
Company Alimenta Natur, a.s., was established in 1997 by three shareowners, Mr. HAJIK Frantisek, Mr. DOMIN Jan and Mr. CERNAK Zoltan. The main impulse for a company establishment was the determination of shareholders introduce and bring into agricultural practice ecological systems of growing cereals and other ecological techniques and technologies in Slovakia. This idea was born after the short staying in the state Minnesota, USA, where farmers grow corn by using minimalization technology on the same land for several years. Caused by the demandingness of the whole project shareholders ceased from the experiments, which were performed on agricultural land in the Slovakian district of Trnava.
Later on the company was purchased by Mr. HAJIK Pavol, M.Sc., Ph.D.. Because of he wants to continue the activities of previous owners, ecological agriculture and production of ecological foodstuffs are still in the interest of the company and the company management permanently pays attention to these activities.
Present :
Organic food production, improving the environment, biological industrial treatment of waste and its transformation into biohumus, the use of bioenergy and the introduction of these technologies into practice, it is the main motto and goal of our company. Together with the social conscience and solidarity we want transform these ideas into tangible form.
Mr.HAJIK Pavol, M.Sc.,PhD.
Where to find us :
SGS ISO 9001:2000
SGS ISO 14001
Dolné Dubové 98
919 52 Dolné Dubové

Phone: +421 905 936 535

Head Office:
Dolné Dubové 98
919 52 Dolné Dubové

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